A slate roof, partially concealed, UL-certified lightning protection system in Cambridge, MA. For this all-copper system, we concealed the conductor (coming down the chimney) inside the copper chimney. We also concealed the trim down-leads behind the trim board.

This summer home, known as Edgehill Mansion in Newport, RI, has a cedar roof with a copper ridge cap and a partially concealed UL lightning protection system. This was an all copper system with the conductor and ridge bases concealed beneath the ridge cap.

Another view of Edgehill Mansion in Newport, RI.

A metal roof exposed UL-certified lightning protection system in Monroe, MA. On this system, aluminum conductor was used to prevent corrosion and to match the color of the roof and building. Aluminum materials are also significantly less expensive than copper materials.

This recently built barn in western Massachusetts shows a copper lightning protection system on an asphalt shingle roof. The weathervane was incorporated into the system as a lightning rod.